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blob.png  Registered brand, but did not complete the planning, design customers

blob.png  We can help customers with product planning, design, development and manufacturing

blob.png  In addition to product processing, we provide one-stop value-added services, including brand registration, product specifications, product design, formula research and development, packaging materials and raw materials procurement, VI design, product canning, product inspection and other one-stop services


In the past 20 years, we have carefully served more than 1,000 customers and cultivated dozens of well-known brands that grow from small trees into towering trees. Some customer cases:






· National QS, ten thousand grade aseptic workshopDomestic two - stage reverse osmosis production equipment and high degree of automation of four - in - one can installed packaging production.

· Focus on nutrition and health beverage production and processing for 18 years,Independent research and development of hundreds of high-quality product formula, patented formula more than 10 kinds;More than 10 professional R & D team, with perfect product research and development, innovation ability;


· Whole-process quality inspection, safe and assured,Raw material inspection → packaging material quality inspection → semi-finished product inspection → finished product inspection;

· From research and development → formula design → product filing → production and processing → product delivery,Full one-to-one follow-up service timely and accurate delivery, strict confidentiality of customer and customer product information.


· Technology → Intellectual property → brand planning and design → sales platform,One-stop supporting services to save cost and improve efficiency for customers;

· 18 years of safe production, customers throughout the country;High quality processing, high efficiency products, reasonable price, to ensure the interests of customers.


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