Ours advantage
Professional beverage processing agency for 20 years, ensuring brand strength

R&D and production strength
Better customized solution

National QS, ten thousand level aseptic workshop, domestic two-stage reverse osmosis production equipment and the degree of automation of four in one can installed packaging production.

Focus on nutrition and health beverage production and processing for 18 years, independent research and development of hundreds of high-quality product formula 'patent formula more than 10 kinds; More than 10 professional R & D team, with perfect product research and development, innovation ability;

  • 饮料贴牌,饮料贴牌厂家,饮料加工厂家
  • 饮料贴牌,饮料贴牌厂家,饮料加工厂家
  • 饮料贴牌,饮料贴牌厂家,饮料加工厂家
  • 饮料贴牌,饮料贴牌厂家,饮料加工厂家

Full process quality inspection
Customers are very relieved

Whole-process quality inspection, safe and assured; Raw material inspection → packaging material inspection → semi-finished product inspection → finished product inspection.

From R & D → formula design → product filing → production and processing → product delivery, one-to-one follow-up service, timely and accurate delivery, strict confidentiality of customer and customer product information.



Improving word-of-mouth inheritance
Rationalize prices to ensure customer benefits

Technology → intellectual property → brand planning and design → sales platform, one-stop supporting services, for customers to save cost and improve efficiency; 18 years of safe production, customers throughout the country; High quality processing, efficient products, reasonable prices, to ensure the interests of customers.



Improve the after-sales service system
Service oriented and quick response

"One thing, one code" refers to the use of cloud platform to connect consumers, enterprises and circulation to create a product traceability system and a production control system that tracks products forward and backward or without direction.


Partial cooperation brand
Nearly 20 years of experience in beverage processing, serving thousands of customers
OEM cooperation process
Guangdong Yizhibian Food and Beverage Co., Ltd

Focusing on OEM/ODM beverage OEM

Founded in 2006, the company is a modern beverage processing enterprise that helps customers develop, produce and process branded coconut water drinks, lactic acid bacteria drinks, fruit juice drinks, fruit vinegar drinks, functional drinks, soy milk drinks, cereals and cereals drinks, coffee, fruit wine drinks and so on.

Guangdong Yizhibian Food and Beverage Co., Ltd

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Focusing on OEM/ODM beverage OEM

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